Blackness in its purest form t-shirt

Words before Violence

Communication is Key

Never seek to find happiness in someone else

If you want to be obeyed, get a pet!

My black pride doesn’t make me anti-white

Claiming a black friend doesn’t validate non-racism only.. actions will do that

Truth decay in America

Man’s Greatest flaw is trying to control another being

If he is not a baby you can’t change him

I may not win every race… but I’m present and involved

Freedom Includes the right to choose

I’m a mixture of vanilla and cinnamon

Love Out Loud

Don’t let other people determine your destiny

Stop judging other people

Always be open to being wrong

Trust one’s energy not their words

Be Strong – Confident – Resilient

Build a team so strong that no one knows who the boss is

Like liquid gold my blackness flows

Always stamp your words with action

Bragging becomes confetti when you’re surrounded by winners